Our Parish Hall is in the process of closing down for demolition as we prepare for a new shared ministry center to be built  in conjunction with low income seniors housing. The construction project is estimated to span the next 1 1/2 years.

We are currently renting our Church Hall (Sanctuary) out for meetings, concerts and public talks.

  • 15 spot parking + street parking.
  • $50 insurance premium good for the year.
  • Church hall of historic garrison church.

For enquiries about rentals and availability please email [email protected]

Please find our full rental forms package included in the links below. All information about rates, terms and conditions are included in the forms. If you wish to make a booking online you can fill these out remotely, scan them in and mail the completed forms into the office at [email protected]

All rental enquiries and groups are subject to the discretion and approval of our leadership team.

Thank you for your interest.