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The Canadian Government will match donations for Myanmar until NOVEMBER 28.
Please go to or mail a cheque to “Primates World Relief
and Development Fund, The Anglican Church of Canada, 80 Hayden Street,
Toronto ON M4Y 3G2” to ensure your donation reaches PWRDF before November 28.

Donations put on the Sunday Collection plate may not meet the deadline.

Our Diocese has had a relationship with the Anglican churches in Myanmar.
We continue to remember the people in our parish prayers. Karen Hogg has
visited Myanmar and developed friendships with parishioners there.
She has provided information to our parish for an Oxfam fundraiser.

Have someone on your Christmas list who “has everything” and is hard to shop
for? PWRDF has an answer— “World of Gifts”. You can donate in the person’s
name. Buy a goat, chickens, help with providing safe birthing, support displaced
persons, are some of the many options. Visit

This type of donation also helps children to feel part of helping people around
the world. The PWRDF World of Gifts site gives you the country your donation
will be going to once you and your children decide what you want to donate.
Find the country in an atlas or online to find out more about the country
and its needs. A favourite donation for children is a goat for a family.
A goat will provide nourishment and a means of earning money for the family
through breeding. Take a moment to visit the site for all the possibilities
your donation could provide. Visit

PWRDF also provides an Advent Reflection which you can download or you can
subscribe to a daily devotional for Advent by providing your email address.

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF): PWRDF’s is the Canadian Anglican response for emergency relief, refugees, development and justice. And it’s making a difference in the world. Its guiding principle is to listen and learn from partners in its development work. Donations can be made through the local parish or direct debit can be set up through the PWRDF website. Lynn Schumacher is our Parish Contact.


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