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Back in 2015, Esquimalt United Church and the broader Esquimalt community were raising funds and mobilizing to welcome a small Syrian refugee family of 3: mom, dad, and a then 2-year-old son (who is now 9 years old). After 7 long years, during which this family has lived hand-to-mouth in Turkey, they are finally able to come to Canada, and will be arriving around January 23rd. The immediate need is accommodation. We’re seeking a 2-bedroom suite for the last week in January, to tide us over to February when we hope to have permanent accommodation. And we’re also looking for leads on a longer-term 2-bedroom apartment, beginning in February. If you can help, please contact Susan Gage ([email protected]) or Bill Emery ([email protected]). 

Image: Michelleandjill, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons