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Giving to your Church? Like to keep things simple!

Electronic Collection Plate (ECP) has been part of the Parish of St. Peter and St Paul since its inception. At this point over half of our regular donors use ECP. ” Thank you” to our ECP as this method of giving helps our parish leaders as they plan a budget. It also means that your donations go regularly into the church bank account even when you are out of town or unable to attend for any reason. How does it work? To become an ECP donor, you complete an ECP form which is registered by the parish Envelope Secretary, Myrna Bennett. The information is then forwarded to the Finance Department at the Synod office. The donations collected electronically by the Synod staff are deposited directly into our parish bank account monthly. We are fortunate that this service is provided free of charge by the Synod office. If you are an ECP donor and wish to increase your givings at any time, contact Myrna. If you wish to give one time “extras” through the year, simply use any envelope to place your donation in making sure your assigned ECP # and name are on the envelope. The only problem most people have with ECP is the feeling they get as the plate passes them each week and they are not putting something tangible into it. As a result we have encouraged the collection plate to be passed along to each parishioner so that they can Touch the Plate even if they are not putting a money donation in that week. We all have something of our self which we are giving to God each week and touching the plate signifies that. If you have questions about ECP or wish to register, talk to any Stewardship Team member or Myrna Bennett.

PS There are Coffee Cup envelopes available each week. If you wish, put some of your loose change in one (we suggest the amount you would spend for a cup of coffee) and put it in the Collection Plate. It is amazing how much those envelopes bring in each month.

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