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If you have questions that you do not see the answers to please E-mail the rector, The Ven. Lon Towstego at ltowstego@shaw.ca, or call our Church Office at 250-386-6833, Tuesday-Friday from 9AM-1PM. Ann Barry is our Parish Administrative Assistant.

Rector: The Ven. Lon Towstego




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Come and Worship with us – Sunday, August 28th at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM

O God, in the flaming bush you promised deliverance to your people.  In the cross of Jesus you embraced our suffering and pain. As we take up the cross, show us the transforming power of your love, so that we may know the hope of your glory. AmenRevised Common Lectionary Prayers (2002) alt.

Burning bush #1

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Ann Barry is hired as our New Parish Administrative Assistant, starting August 16

The search committee wishes to announce that we have hired a Parish Administrative Assistant.  Ann Barry, an active member at Christ Church Cathedral, has been hired.  She  starts Tuesday, August 21 at 9AM.


Ann Barry Best

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“Picnic Pearls” – Sept. 17th 4:00 PM – Series on Prayer, Psalms! Presenter Geoffrey Thornburn

Come and hear Geoffrey, our musician, relate how Psalms, Music and Prayer are linked.

Praying hands

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STEWARDSHIP – A RADICAL GENEROSITY: A church runs on the love of God, service to each other, and financial support of its members

STEWARDSHIP – A RADICAL GENEROSITY:  A church runs on the love of God, service to each other, and financial support of its members.

The Anglican Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul in Esquimalt, BC is anchored by the historical St. Paul’s Naval and Garrison Church. We have many parishioners who have generational history at St. Paul’s as well as numerous newcomers. We live all over the South Island and come together at services to worship God and spend time with each other.

Our Parishioners are involved in 35 ministries ranging from knitting prayers shawls, through community outreach, fellowship events, to participating in Sunday services. We love our church and our community.

Just like our households, a church has to meet recurring monthly operational expenses.

Those expenses are met through the regular givings of our congregation.

Methods of regular giving:

  • Weekly donations can be put directly into the collection plate at worship service. Regular donors have an envelope number which ties the givings to the parishioner. Those givings are presented to God as the first fruits of what He has provided to us, taken to the altar for blessing.
  • Electronic Collection Plate. These are regular givings that are drawn directly from the giver’s bank account on a monthly basis, upon signed approval. Parishioners signify their giving by putting an envelope or card in the collection plate, or simply by touching the plate as it passes.
  • Contributions through Canada Helps. This is an on-line service that helps connect donors with the charity of their choice. Charitable donations receipts are given directly by Canada Helps and the donation deposited into the Parish’s bank account. A small administrative fee is withheld by Canada Helps.

Special giving:

Sometimes parishioners have a special wish and provide an extra amount for certain concerns. These funds can be provided in all the ways detailed above.

What special items do people give extra for?

  • Altar flowers
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Lunches provided on holidays
  • General purpose at the discretion of the parish
  • Other specific interests

The Parish runs on the energy, talents and financial contributions of its parishioners, their families and the larger community.

Please contact the church office to enquire about Electronic Collection Plate, envelopes, special needs, and Estate Planned Giving.

1379 Esquimalt Road, Victoria BC                               or click here to provide a special donation:
V9A 3R4 — 250 386 6833                                               https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/11176

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Coming Soon! Dec 11, 2016 The Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of St. Paul’s Church where we continue to worship!

A street car in front of our Church in 1905. Green Community with electric Street Cars!  St. Pauls Buiding

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Giving to your Church? Like to keep things simple!

Electronic Collection Plate (ECP) has been part of the Parish of St. Peter and St Paul since its inception. At this point over half of our regular donors use ECP. ” Thank you” to our ECP as this method of giving helps our parish leaders as they plan a budget. It also means that your donations go regularly into the church bank account even when you are out of town or unable to attend for any reason. How does it work? To become an ECP donor, you complete an ECP form which is registered by the parish Envelope Secretary, Myrna Bennett. The information is then forwarded to the Finance Department at the Synod office. The donations collected electronically by the Synod staff are deposited directly into our parish bank account monthly. We are fortunate that this service is provided free of charge by the Synod office. If you are an ECP donor and wish to increase your givings at any time, contact Myrna. If you wish to give one time “extras” through the year, simply use any envelope to place your donation in making sure your assigned ECP # and name are on the envelope. The only problem most people have with ECP is the feeling they get as the plate passes them each week and they are not putting something tangible into it. As a result we have encouraged the collection plate to be passed along to each parishioner so that they can Touch the Plate even if they are not putting a money donation in that week. We all have something of our self which we are giving to God each week and touching the plate signifies that. If you have questions about ECP or wish to register, talk to any Stewardship Team member or Myrna Bennett.

PS There are Coffee Cup envelopes available each week. If you wish, put some of your loose change in one (we suggest the amount you would spend for a cup of coffee) and put it in the Collection Plate. It is amazing how much those envelopes bring in each month.

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Selirk Regional Ministry will be at St. Peter’s Lakehill starting in September but please phone, 250-213-1982, or E-mail for more information, lifespiritart@gmail.com

Starting, In September  this ministry opportunity moves to St. Peter, Lake Hill

Life Spirit Art Studio      lifespiritart@gmail.com We create Art here to reflect on our lives and our spiritual journey. We can use canvas, paper, sculpture, the story, the handmade journal, or other means of expression. You can choose either to practice art making and or to develop some tools for spiritual living and enrich your life. In the LifeSpirit Art Studio our daily lives and experiences are fodder for spiritual reflection. Deepening awareness of `God ‘ in our lives may or may not surface during the creative activities of the weekly 3 hour session, but the Studio gives us all the chance to relax, enjoy, and engage in quiet and contemplation. The Studio includes times of gathering for prayer, discussion, reflection and individual art exploration. Our sessions will encourage opportunities to look through magazines, read poetry or devotionals for ideas and inspiration, and to share with each other. Music may be used for stimulus and or drawing ourselves into quiet concentration or reflection. To ensure a feeling of safety and confidentiality the expectations of a `respectful and safe’ environment will be reviewed each week, as there maybe new participants attending each session. Media such as paint, pastels, collage, colouring, multi media sculpture, fabrics, sewing or stitching can be provided, or, bring your own media. Recycled materials will be included and have endless uses for creativity and storage. Donations of any media for others to use will be gratefully accepted. The Studio provides tea and coffee, so bring a mug that you don’t mind getting dirty! Attendees can bring a bag lunch. There will be time for chat and a chance to get to know one another informally through the day. Fun is permitted, encouraged!

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2016 – 2017 SERIES ON PRAYER: Next event Saturday September 17 4PM in the Church yard.

September 17: Psalms: Geoffrey Thornburn will present. Praying Hands

October 1: Liturgy

October 22: Healing Prayer

November 19: Personal Prayer; Rule of Life; Discernment in Prayer

2017: January: The Lord’s Prayer; February: Intercessory Prayer; March: Laments & Contrition; April: Prayers of Thanksgiving & Celebration; Pot Luck DinnerSIGN-UP SHEETS IN THE PARISH HALL


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Highlights of the 97th Synod of the Diocese of BC, held April 22,23, 2016!


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