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Our Parish Vision Implementation Team

Our Parish Vision Implementation Team

      When our Synod Reps returned from the Diocesan Synod in October 2014, we were very excited by the new Diocesan Vision adopted at that Synod. We are very glad to hear of the new Diocese Vision Implementation Team tasked with bringing the Vision to life. In addition, 15 members of our Parish had attended the Regional unveiling of this in September 2014 in North Saanich.

      When our new Parish was in its formative stages in late 2011 and early 2012, the whole Parish had been involved in a Visioning Exercise led by the Dean of Columbia, Logan McMenamie, (now our Bishop) and Kirsten and Meghan McMenamie. This conversation (as a part of the main Eucharist for one Sunday) had produced many different ideas on how we all wanted the new Parish to evolve. Parish Council took these ideas and created the first version of our Three Year Parish Vision (attached), last formally updated in February 2014. After the October 2014 Synod, our Parish Council were encouraged to form a Parish Vision.

Implementation Team, which is just starting to function. The plan is to work alongside the Diocesan Vision Implementation Team over the next three years. We feel it is essential that the “metanoia” referred to in the Diocesan Vision be enacted at all levels of the Diocese – we must go forward together. One of the prime tasks of our Team will be to reconcile our own Vision of where we go in our Parish with the wider Diocesan Vision.

Our Team is now functioning and will update, as a Staff Team for Parish Council, our own Vision in these new and exciting times. As, for example, new BC-oriented forms of  worship are tried on an experimental basis (starting 1st March 2015) the Team will explore Parishioners`reactions and make appropriate recommendations on how far and how fast we proceed.

     The current Team is David Buckman, Grant Carphin, Michael Cormie, Licette How, MavisPillar, Mary Jane Tiller, Nick White and Sharon Wickware, as well as our Rector. Any Parishioners with a burning desire to join the new Team should talk to our Rector or David Buckman.

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Parish to Parish Partnership with St. John the Evangelist, in the Philipines!

Our Parish to Parish Partnership

For the last few months, our Parish has been developing a “Parish to Parish Partnership” with the Parish of St. John the Evangelist in the village of Nambaran on Lauzon Island in the northern Philippines.  This grew out of a contact almost a decade ago between former members of St. Saviour’s Church in Victoria West, one of our predecessor Churches.

The Igarot people there are Anglicans by tradition since Episcopal Church missionary work in the Philippines over 100 years ago.  They are also indigenous peoples displaced from their former lands by mining operations (mostly by Canadian companies).

Saint John the Evangelist is a Parish much like ours in many ways, including size and financial resources.  Their Diocese built them a new Church in 2008, and they have been given till 2018 to make their Parish financially self-sufficient.

They have developed a Co-operative Rice Mill Project for their congregation, which will be located in their former Church, now empty.  Local farmers will bring their un-milled rice to the new Mill, which is closer than other commercial Mills, and will be run on a co-operative basis.

The cash generated by this operation, which will cost about $15,000 to install (they are putting their own labour into setting up the operation) will take their Parish closer to financial security.

Our Parish seeks to raise this $15,000 capital cost by individual donation and fund-raisers.

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Our Parish Council! Please keep them in Prayer!

Rector’s Warden – Sharon Wickware

People’s Warden & Synod Rep – Lynn Schumacher

Synod Rep and PC member – David Buckman

Treasurer – John Wankiewicz

Cathy Carphin                      Sandra Flynn

Joanne Kimm                        Rhonda Koch

Dian Hanna                           Lynn Scott


Alternate Synod Representatives who do not attend Parish Council unless they step in as Representatives:

John Ducker                          Margaret Mackenzie


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