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Christian Education Canada: Video Messages

September 24, 2013

                I am very excited to tell you that our Web Team has succeeded in coordinating and posting to this site the first of what is an ongoing  series called Christian Education Canada.

You will notice there are now TWO Google+ sites to the right side of the page. The top one is a site for Parish interaction and input. We have separated out the Education Project into it’s own Site so that the ongoing education pieces can be easily found and accessed. This will soon include discussions and events that are open for you to participate.

  In order to view these use the following process:

1)   Go to Web Site which you have obviously succeeded in doing.

2)   Toward the bottom right of the Front Page you will see g+ logos for Google Plus. Pick the one you want to access. Click on it.

3)  On the Christian Education G+ page you will see some Video Lessons from Lon and the former Bishop James Cowan as well as the new rector at St. John the Divine Alastair McCollum.

4)   Adjust your sound and there you are.

5)   On the right of the page you will see another picture of Grant Carphin and the title “Our 1st Education Session with Lon Towstego” . If you click on that one you will hear a message from me on baptism.

We plan to have other speakers on a variety of topics from time to time. You may be prompted, if you choose to “follow” the site to create a  Gmail account and Email address. There is no cost or other obligation and you will likely never need to use the Gmail address again but it allows you to comment and interact.

We hope that you enjoy hearing and watching the Christian Education Material. We learned many thing on the technical aspects of producing it.

Blessings!    The Rev. Lon Towstego,  Rector


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