Andrew Lloyd
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This event is to commemorate the 50th anniversary commissioning of HMC Submarines Okanagan and Rainbow which occurred in 1968. Okanagan served on the East Coast with its home base Halifax and Rainbow on the West Coast with its home base Esquimalt.

Submariners of all ranks and their guests from Canada and the USA will be attending this 3 day event. Their guest of honour will be Vice-Admiral (Ret’d) Bruce Maclean, a former Commanding Officer of Okanagan and a former Chief o...f the Naval Staff at National Defence Headquarters.

The Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria will be hosting the event with a meet and greet on Friday, a banquet Saturday evening and a breakfast on Sunday morning before the church service at the Anglican Parish of St. Peter and St Pauls at 10:30AM.

Registration form can be found here:…/w…/uploads/2018/08/s74ss75.pdf