Sincerly Sally Writes Again! News!!

Spaghetti Night and a faded cornerstone – Is there any possible connection?   You may be surprised to learn we may just take things for granted sometimes and overlook age old connections. There is no question all the recent diners enjoyed Marian’s world famous secret recipe for spaghetti sauce. Copious quantities were consumed much to the delight of everyone present including the large family and friends gathered at the never-ending table at the back of the hall.   Pat was at her usual station in the kitchen where she is every Sunday making sure things happen.   The Parish Hall cornerstone played an important role as well in this event. Several generations ago St. Paul’s parish parishioners realized a dream by building the present-day Parish Hall.   Imagine their commitment to paying it forward for 61 years with innumerable events and ceremonies as a testimony to their vision. Like today their many untold gifts of time, talent, volunteering including the financial ways and means are still being carried on today in the hall.   Change is necessary and inevitable both literally and figuratively speaking. The current hall will be undergoing deconstruction at some point in the future and then construction will begin all over again. It is a living structure representing Faith in Action and Faith in Foundation. There is no question the many events and gatherings will continue breathing a new life into the Ministry Center as we begin to move forward. Rest assured Spaghetti Nights and events like Garage Sale June 16th all make a big difference. Isn’t it also nice to know we are carrying on the good works of all the previous parishioners when the cornerstone was laid on December 1, 1957. Could they not have envisioned the wonderful legacy they left for us to build upon just like the cornerstone.   Sincerely Sally