Sally Sincerely

Ada Turtle lives in Pikangikum, a remote Northern Ontario Indigenous community. She’s been in the hospital for the past year because she’s on dialysis. When she was being released from hospital, the doctors wanted to know if she had running water in her home. At the time she didn’t know that her home had been chosen to be retrofitted with indoor plumbing in the second phase of the Pikangikum Clean Water project, funded by PWRDF and implemented by Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.
When she returned home in August 2017 she was grateful to see the new bathroom fixtures and kitchen sink. “It’s so much easier now. We used to have to carry buckets of water from the tap outside. Now you turn on the tap and the water is there.” Ada has four children who are all active in sports, especially hockey, broom ball and baseball. “The kids can use the bath or shower after each game,” she says. “I really appreciate the installation.”
Since 2013 PWRDF has supported the Pimatisiwin Nipi “Living Water” Group’s work of advocacy, education, partnership and strategic giving around clean water in Indigenous communities. This work has made it possible to bring safe drinking water into 20 homes in Pikangikum.
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