Sally Sincerely

Sally   Buccaneer Days – All hands-on deck And they were …. with many hands providing delicious baked goodies. The simple gesture of many hands making the load a bit lighter did not go unnoticed even when Judy thought we was sneaking her delicious baked goods into the Parish Hall the day before this annual event to place. One does not have to wait for Buccaneer Days to enjoy freshly baked goods and homemade jams lovingly prepared by Jeanette and provided by her after the first service Sunday mornings. Yum!   The iconic image of praying hands not only reminds us of our spiritual lives but the fact we are also blessed with two hands, one to help ourselves and the other to help others. We accomplish this daily and in so many profound ways both in thought and deed. We greet friends and strangers alike with open hands and selflessly offer a helping hand or a hand up on many occasions without hesitation.   The spirit of fellowship however albeit fleeting sometimes, and/or every lasting is reflected in the number of times our own prayers have been answered. We have also unknowingly helped to answer the prayers of others in the community through the good works of our own parishioners and St. Peter and St. Paul Church.   Thank you everyone for all your gifts of time and baked goods. If you were unable to bake something this year there is always next year and the opportunity to sample and to buy some of the “few” left overs the day after the event made available in the Parish Hall, but you must to arrive early for the best selection.   Sincerely Sally