Andrew Lloyd
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Aged 55 or over? Make or update your will for free!

This month, you have a unique opportunity to either make a will (if you haven’t already) or revise your current will, for free! The Vancouver Humane Society is participating in Free Wills Month, a campaign that allows you to provide for family and friends and make a significant contribution to your chosen charity, if you choose to do so. There is absolutely no obligation to include a charity in order to participate.

The campaign pays for simple wills. If your will is more complex, you can pay the participating lawyer for the extra work.

If you’d like to participate or for more information, you can call 888-337-2884 or go to the free wills website – You can contact one of the law firms listed on the website anytime during May to request an appointment. And although the campaign runs from May 1 to May 31, your will does not need to be completed in that timeframe – as long as you have booked an appointment during May.

Bequests allow VHS to continue helping animals long into the future.  By remembering us in your will you ensure the animals are not forgotten.