As we gear up for the fall we need volunteers. There are so many ways to contribute to the life of the church using your talents, each valuable in their own way. For Sunday services: Would you like to read Scripture? Write prayers of the people? Would you like to be a server (helping the priest at the table)? Have you ever thought of serving on altar guild (setting up prior  to Sunday)? Greeting at the door? Helping at the Selkirk service? For these roles, dependability is key and having access to email is essential.

We also need: Kitchen leadership and help for the church luncheons; help with set up and tear down of tents and tables, help with writing articles for the paper; for marketing church events in social media; designing posters to be printed and distributed.

Do you have a new ministry you would like to start?

Please speak with Rev. Gail if you are interested in any of these roles.Please note, that if you would like to be a server the training is September 18th at 1p.m. and attendance is mandatory