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Your Parish Vision Team brings you a seasonal update from our roving reporter, Sally Sincerely

Fall (is) back.  We embrace many familiar events and customs which always enrich our lives as the Advent Season draws near. 
We often gain new and fresh perspectives whether we are ready for them or not.  Has anyone noticed silently falling tree leaves which blanket the ground with eye catching colours before being swept away by the wind before we know it.  Seasons are equally fleeting as well.  Enjoy them fully before they pass.

Religious traditions and customs continue to follow the Christian calendar with celebrations and events quickly filling our personal and Parish calendars.    Clocks not only get turned back Nov. 4 with the inevitable shorter days, yet we manage to find time to recommit ourselves in hope and faith. 

We joined Victor Flett and his family to celebrate his 90th birthday in the church hall recently and together we quickly cut down the gigantic size of the two delicious cakes.

Please be sure to ask Leatrice Lam how many dumplings she is planning to make for an upcoming special school project using her own secret and yummy recipe.

Remembrance Day on Nov.  11 is soon upon us with only one church service at 9:00 AM that Sunday.  This year it’s special, marking 100 years since the Armistice that ended the “war to end all wars…”

The annual Holly Bazaar is ramping up quickly for Nov. 17th.  Be sure to sign up to offer your skills and talents for the Bazaar which is both fun and a major fund raiser.  There are many reasons to celebrate what we have and what we can contribute all of which makes our lives richer.   

Being involved in the process of our traditional settings and scripture teachings provides guidance to help us understand and appreciate our lives in today’s context. 

Lo and behold a day is set aside in November 2 for the Act of Random Kindness which really can be done at any time all year long.   What are you planning to do?

Did you know way back when (1911) the British Admiralty paid so much per sailor who attended Sunday services at our Church which was known as the Naval and Garrison Church.  Officers were free. Pews were originally rented to members of the congregation for $5.00 per annum, which was per seat not for the whole pew.  Imagine how inflation might add up to for those offerings today!

Fast forward to today and the availability of the electronic collection plate (ECP) and symbolically touching the offering plate which has being working well.
The spiritual element is no stranger to using today’s technology as everyone knows as demonstrated by our website.  Electronic giving is a useful option using today’s technology.  It is simple and convenient.

Electronic collection plate (ECP) forms are available at the back of the church and/or the church office and be can be dropped off at the church office and amended at any time.  This helps smoothing out the monthly church budget year-around.  It also eases the work of the counters on Sundays.

The Coffee Cup envelope also provides another form of extra giving at any time of the year.  Remember to include your envelope (ECP number).  A useful income tax tip is carrying forward charitable donations/receipts to receive a larger deduction and credit for same.  You only use the first $200.00 deduction once rather than every year which is both tax efficient and financially sound.

So what is your fall back plan(s) for this year and 2019?