Care Home Ministry Needs You!

Last Sunday I attended and presided at Our Service of Holy Communion at the Lodge at Selkirk. Karen Hogg and I chatted about this quiet ministry and how it is so life giving and fulfilling and yet a bit forgotten. Lynn Scott, Karen Hogg, Wally Eamer, Jean Smith and I have had many amazing moments with the people  at the Lodge at Selkirk, Gorge Road Hospital and at Sunset Lodge. The Rev. Dolly Beaumont has graciously helped us at Sunset the past year or so. She is from St. Mary, Metchosin. Our parishes in Selkirk Region DO work together!     I was reflecting that I only have one more round of these services in my time left with you. This ministry has touched my heart in so many deep and profound ways. There are residents who have been in these facilities as long as I have been in the parish, 7 1/2 years. There is a man name Murray who was a resident the day that The Lodge at Selkirk opened. He is with us every time we are there. We have a woman named, Marguerite who Licette How also visits at other times a part of our lay Pastoral team. Marguerite is a lifelong Anglican and rarely misses a service. These are only two examples but we could tell you of many. This is a ministry of caring and listening and of exploring in the depth of your soul about humanity, aging, mobility physical and mental health and more. The Gospel calls us to care for and love one another. Please don’t over complicate it. Help your Parish Family live it out.        This is place and a ministry really, really suited to lay People. As we in the parish and diocese look for new and creative ways for laity to be involved please do not forget this powerful and profound ministry. Karen and I are concerned for the future of our parish’s ability to carry one this engagement with community. The Schedule is as follows:   First Sunday of each month: Gorge Road Hospital at 2:30 Second Sunday each month: The Lodge at Selkirk at 2:30 Second Tuesday of each month at Sunset Lodge 9:45        Other churches from various denominations do the other dates of the month. In order to try coming please talk to Karen Hogg, or Wally when he is back. We try to arrive about 15-30 minutes early. You need to come with one of the people who know there way around as all of the facilities have coded entrances and we can show you around and orientate you.  

     Please prayerfully consider your role in this vital and life giving ministry!