Dear Fellow Anglicans of the Islands and Inlets, I am writing further to my letter to you of March 30, 2020.

Since that time, we have all been made aware of the reality that for reasons of public health, gatherings in person of more than 50 are unlikely to be permitted in British Columbia for a considerable time into the foreseeable future. For that reason, Diocesan Council returned to consideration of the prospect of an episcopal election during its meeting held electronically on Thursday, May 28.

Council resolved to proceed with an election, despite the challenges presented by the need to convene in a virtual format. The date of Saturday, September 26 was identified. The Metropolitan was then asked, and has since agreed, to direct that an electoral synod be held on that date.

Work is ongoing by diocesan staff and by the Constitution and Canons Committee to develop the technical resources and legal protocols required for an electronic meeting.

My letter to you of January 21 outlined most of the procedural aspects of the election, including a description of those eligible to vote, and a proposed timeline. For ease of reference, I repeat a summary of those provisions as a schedule to this letter, with updates to reflect the current state of affairs. The new timeline, now confirmed by the Metropolitan, is as follows:

  • June 25 Adoption by Diocesan Council of regulations governing the
    convening of a meeting of Synod by electronic means.
  • July 28 Electoral synod summoned.
  • August 17 Nominations due.
  • August 20 Diocesan Council sits as nominating committee.
  • Sept 16 Last date for nominations list to be distributed to members of
    Synod (will be made available earlier if possible).
  • September 26 Electoral synod, to be held electronically, time TBA.
    Date and time TBA Deo volente, the installation and consecration of the 14th Bishop of
    British Columbia, Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria.

Let us continue to pray together for Dean Ansley, the diocesan staff and clergy, and each other as we go forward with this important step in the life of our diocese.

Yours in Christ

Robert Gill, Chancellor