Andrew Lloyd

Good Morning,

It has come to our attention that parishioners have been receiving emails from someone claiming to be The. Rev. Gail Rodger using a false email address. An email fraudster is sending out emails to people associated with our Incumbent. The first one that we know of was sent out October 15th using the email address [email protected]  

The text of the first email:

From: Gail Rodger Subject:


Hi, I need a favor from you,Please email me back as soon as possible. Rev. Gail Rodger Pastor

The text of the follow up email:

I need to get a Nordstrom gift card for a friend of mine but I currently can't do it because of my busy schedule. I will pay you back, Let me know if you can handle it

Rev. Gail Rodger


I encourage you to get the word out about this fraud and to pass on the message that no one from our parish or diocese will ever contact people through any email proxy other than the legitimate extensions using  or 

Messages from The Rev. Gail Rodger will always come from [email protected] or   [email protected] Please read the sending email address carefully before opening or responding to an email.

God Bless,

The Rev. Gail Rodger.