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A Christian Community Embracing and Spreading God's Love

Parish Vision Team is on Hiatus during the Interim period.


The Diocesan Vision for this Diocese of the Islands and Inlets that we call British Columbia: 


Faith in Action:

How do we engage in God's world around us, outside parish walls? How are we people of reconciliation who are both being reconciled and yet facitating reconciling with others and with God? 


Faith in Formation:

Here we recognize and give value to Lay and clergy Training and  to formation of disciples? Are we finding, using and engaging in creative worship resourses, ideas and styles? How do we balance this with honoring Tradition, Scripture and Reason? 


Faith in Foundation: 

We see the importance and vital life giving aspect of Stewardship of buildings, finances, human resourses and more. We see communications as central and vital to all that we do and who we are in Christ.  

  See the attachments for our most current parish work on our Vision and how it aligns with the Diocesan Vision.