Diocesan Council

David Buckman, Selkirk lay Rep. and Lynn Schumacher new Lay Rep

As I am sure you are aware, I am the Lay Representative for Selkirk Region on Diocesan Council – Ven. Lon Towstego is our Clerical Representative.   We recently had a Regional Meeting at St. Peter & St. Paul, which I trust you felt helped your understanding of where we as a Diocese are, en route to Synod 2018, and our new Diocesan Vision.   We have a meeting of Diocesan Council this coming Saturday (24th June) at which the enclosed excellent summary paper will be reviewed.  As noted in it, we shall make further plans for Fall and Spring follow-up Regional Meetings.  I realize this is 8 pages (as a summary!), but I trust you will agree it deals well with a dynamic process which we are all engaged in.  I would be glad to have your input in due course.   I plan to let you know after Saturday what progress we make, and begin a conversation which will help both your Parish and Diocesan Council make sure we all achieve our goals in next year’s Synod.   Your e-mail has not been disclosed to other recipients, and I plan to continue this practice, but I would like to ensure all those who are, or might be, attending Synod 2018 in your Parish become involved.  Others, including Wardens, who wish to be on this mailing list would also be very welcome.  Please let me know if you have names I should add to my mailing list.   Many thanks,   David   David Buckman 324 Damon Drive Victoria BC V9B 5G5 (250) 220-5414 Skype david_buckman