Re-Zoning. Public Input session coming soon!

Re-Zoning. Public Input session coming soon!

July 14, 2018:

News about our Ministry Centre and Housing Development!        

   On Monday night, July 16 at the Esquimalt Council Meeting the first and second reading for our development will be presented by staff to the Council. We believe that the next step will be an August 27 Public Meeting. We think that all concerns and questions have been anticipated in advance by Town staff and our team. The team will be speaking to the excellent work that the architects and planners have done in aligning with the Official Community Plan for Esquimalt and how we are responding to the need for affordable seniors housing and gathering places. We have consulted all stakeholders, Navy, First Nations, Hermitage residents and more.  Our presenters will  speak specifically to the Heritage and History of the church building and preserving it. One of the Heritage points beyond physicality building stuff is a mandate to always continue public worship in the church which is why it exists. Remember our church is first a place of worshipping God. Please prayerfully consider how you talk of God’s House!  There are always questions and concerns and the public is invited to the August meeting. We are excited to engage in the process and look forward to hearing from folk. Blessings!    



Public Meeting date, tenativly, Monday, August 27!

Call the Town of Esquimalt for more details 250-414-7160.

      We are well into this process and hopeful of a late June 2018 Public Meeting. The current hall will be de-constructed before the new project can begin. We will a Britco Trailer and two storage containers during this time.

   We see this a time for creativity, partnership with many known and or new friends in the community. Please pray as God leads us along in this process.