Get to know our Parish Family better! Marjorie Brown!

Get to know our Parish Family better! Marjorie Brown!

“And we never thought that we were poor.”    

     I am the fifth daughter of Lily Jane nee Came and Harry Jordan Marks. I have one brother, two years younger than me. When he was 5 months old my father died, leaving my mother to raise us, and soon my eldest sister was acting as a second mother to us.  My eldest sister knitted scarves and gloves for us, and helped to make our dresses, even suits for my brother. (short-pants).

      My first memory of going to afternoon Sunday school was looking back to the house, and seeing the curtain move. Mum was behind the curtain, looking at us with pride. I made my first dress when I was eleven. World War Two was declared Sept 3, 1939 and a train full of evacuees from London arrived at the Bridgwater Railway Station.  We had not put our name down to take any evacuees as we had a full house. Anyway, my two sisters and a boyfriend were at the station, when they heard the announcement made:  “There is a mother with five children with nowhere to go. “    The Minister of our Church said that he would take the two boys age 7 &  9 overnight, if a place could be found for the mother and her three girls: a 3 week old, a two and a four year old.  Someone cycled to my mother’s home to see if she take them. She agreed. By the time they arrived a bedroom had been arranged for the mother and her three girls. The boys were billeted just down the road so that they could visit their mum.  We had them for a year until they found a bigger available space.

      I met John at a dance the day that he had been sent to Weston Zoyland Air Base.   He was lonely, so he came to Bridgwater to the Friday night dance at The Blake Hall. My eldest sister was the chaperone for my friend and me.  John asked me to dance, and we stayed together all evening. He had to leave as his transportation was ready to go but he asked if I would come to the Saturday night dance;  and I could, if Lily came. And the rest is HISTORY.  

Marjorie Brown   John and Marjorie were married July, 1945. They had two boys and two girls .They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary just before John died. Marjorie now has 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. John and Marjorie moved here from Milton, Ontario to join family here in 2012, and our church. Today Marjorie drives herself to church – she has driven for 67 years. She is a staunch member of the 8.30 congregation. We love to hear her stories, and listen to her reciting poetry in the hall after church while we have coffee and muffins. Licette How